Associate yourself with Apparel 1 and earn commissions on completed orders referred by you. Participation is absolutely free and a great way to earn commissions each time any of your referrals place an order with us and on successful completion of the order your commission will be automatically credited to your bank account or you will be sent a cheque from Apparel 1 bearing your commission. 

The Apparel 1 affiliate program is a great way for you to earn money as well as give your referrals the opportunity to experience the quality offered by Apparel 1 through its portfolio of high quality products and service

 Step 1 : Identify a company/group who require apparel as uniform / for an event etc 

 Step 2 : Refer the customer to Apparel 1 (You will be given an Affiliate Code which will have to be passed on to the customer)

 Step 3 : Fill in the referral form along with the details of the customer and your Affiliate code

 Step 4 : On successful completion of the order your commission will be credited via NEFT or cheque based on your preferance

Earning commissions with Apparel 1 is very easy. All you have to do is refer a  company/group who require apparel as uniform / for an event etc and collect your commission on successful completion of the order. If you wish to have a long term relationship with Apparel 1 you may write in to support@megagoncs.com after which you will be acknowledged as an affiliate member of Apparel 1 and your accrued commission will be credited to your bank account or sent a cheque bearing the commission amount at the end of every month

To join the affilate program just write into support@megagoncs.com stating if you would like to be a member affiliate or just a regular affilate

There is no limit to the commission you can earn with being an Apparel 1 Affiliate. You can continue earning commissions for each order that you refer to Apparel 1

For instance:

Let's say you refer an order of 100 units at for a Polo T-Shirt which is priced at Rs.350 per unit.

Total Order Value = Rs. 35,000

Commission earned = 3% of Rs.35,000 = Rs.1050

Refer the chart below to understand the relative commission percentage